About us and our trip

Those who know us will tell you that we have always loved travel and new experiences, through trips with our friends and travelling for work. We actually met on a job site overseas and have travelled together often since, on many trips in Europe, and further afield (South Africa and Hong Kong!). These trips inspired us a few years ago to accomplish our life-long dream of travelling around the world for a year. And unlike when we travel for work, having the time to thouroughly discover the countries and cultures we are lucky to find ourselves in. So we booked our flexible ‘Round The World’ ticket with Star Alliance a few months ago, planned a few of the first steps, sorted out all our admin, and left our hometown of Grenoble, France on the 3rd of October 2016.

We do most of the planning ‘on the go’, relying mainly on limited Wifi access and offline apps to do so (Maps.me is just as good as Google Maps, and CamperMate or Rankers or Wiki Camps in NZ and Aus are great!). We have an average budget (50 euros pp/day) so try our best to avoid tourist traps, restaurants and car rentals, always price-compare and rely on cheap transport and accomodation: hostels mainly on HostelWorld for South America, guesthouses on Booking or Agoda in Asia, camping if/when we buy a tent, and camper-vaning. We found Airbnb and Couchsurfing too impracticle outside of Europe and without permenant connectivity! Depending on the country, we buy electronic guide books (Kindle app) and/or SIM cards for 3G and staying in touch with our families via Whatsapp (the best!). Finally, even though our schedule is tight, we would like to contribute to one or more meaningful volunteering project(s), preferably in a poorer area that really needs it, and using our skills as all-round site engineers (via Helpx.net or Workaway.info).

The rough itinerary:
USA (3 weeks), Mexico (1 month), Perou/Bolivia/Chile/Argentina (4 months), New Zealand (6 weeks), Australia (6 weeks), Indonesia (1 month), Thailand/Cambodia (2 months), and finally Nepal (1 month). Return Oct 2017 (later for Steph who will be ending the trip in South Africa).


Thanks for taking the time to read about our adventures! We hope the blog takes you virtual travelling with us, or inspires you for your future holidays 😀
We are both bilingual and have many French or English speaking friends so have decided to alternate French and English posts.

Nous et notre voyage

Pour ceux qui ne nous connaissent pas, nous sommes un couple depuis plusieurs annees, nous nous sommes rencontres en Roumanie ou nous travaillions tous les 2. Notre gout pour les voyages nous avait fait choisir le metiers des grands chantiers internationaux.

Cependant notre envie de construire un projet de vie commun nous a pousse a arreter ces grands deplacements. Mais avant de poursuivre avec ce projet, nous voulions en realiser un autre dont nous revions chacun de notre cote depuis longtemps, faire le tour du monde !

Un tour du monde ou nous pourrions enfin profiter des pays visites et les decouvrir correctement, au lieu de travailler 6 jours sur 7. L’itineraire approximatif est ci-dessus, issu de nombreuses et tres epaisses discussions :).

Au dela de donner de nos nouvelles a nos proches, nous nous sommes servi de nombreux blogs pour preparer ce voyage et nous voulons apporter notre petit cailloux a l’edifice et peut-etre aider d’autres a preparer leur aventure !


His & Hers

P.S. The name of this site was inspired by this song by the Kaiser Chiefs…

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