Dorrigo National Park

Having recovered from our wild night with friends in the Blue Mountains, we left refreshed and ready for our full day of driving, bound North East for Dorrigo National Park. The landscape was more of the same: dry grassland, farms, autumn colours, picturesque towns. We spent the night close to the Park, at a rest area by the side of the road.



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Dorrigo NP is small, so we had visited most of it by early afternoon the next day. It was great to stretch our legs. We were greeted by a stubborn group of cows on arrival, not wanting to get up from the middle of the road.


We chose to do a medium-length forest walk that led to a calm river and back. The lush green forest and soft morning light made for great photography.



After a quick lunch, we checked out the visitor center for the impressive view from the Skywalk over the dense forest below, and informative exhibition and documentary on the fauna and flora in this area, and the East Coast in general. Well worth the discovery, and the perfect stop-over on our way to the coast.


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